About Erika & EK Appraisals


Erika Katsof, Recognized & Certified Gemologist, Jeweller, Designer, and Appraiser of Gems & Jewellery

 Erika Katsof is a recognized and certified gemologist, jeweller, designer, and appraiser of gems and jewellery based in Montreal, Canada. Since she was a little girl, Erika has always been fascinated with precious stones and jewellery. She is especially fond of rare and exceptional gems, and exclusive jewellery designs. An entrepreneur as well, she has, over the years, demonstrated a high level of skill in using a rigorous approach to gem identification and certification, and the appraisal and evaluation of all jewels. This passion is exactly what has led her to offer her clients a range of products and services that meet their needs. Mrs. Katsof has a solid scientific and technological education in pure and applied gemmology through the British GemA courses, and is highly knowledgeable about jewellery, including its manufacturing, history, styles and creators. Her expertise extend from the North American to the international diamond, gem and jewellery markets.  


A graduate of the Gemological Institute of America (The GIA), The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, GemA-FGA course, The Master Valuers Appraisal Course, and Ecole de gemmologie de Montreal EGMA Appraisal Course, Erika Katsof has worked as a gemmologist/appraiser since 2004. Her main areas of activity have always been the appraisal and grading of diamonds, precious stones, pearls, jewellery, and jewellery design. It has been through the establishment of her own company in 2005, Designs By Erika, and through working for various jewellery businesses throughout the Quebec and Ontario areas that Erika acquired the experience and skill on which her current reputation is founded. Her activities have led her to practice grading and evaluation of diamonds, precious stones and pearls, and the appraisal and design of jewellery for private clients, and corporations. Erika has as well worked for auction houses where she has had to unique experience of working one on one with clients.   


  Through the past 11 years, in addition to her activities as an expert in gemstone grading and identification, & jewellery design work, Mrs. Katsof has shared her knowledge of CAD/CAM jewellery design through teaching. In parallel with her teaching activities, she has spoken to various audiences about gem & jewellery buying and selling, and has attended and worked at gem and jewellery shows both locally and internationally.  Erika Katsof founded EK Appraisals in 2016, a company offering an expertise in the appraisal, preservation, and buying and selling of precious stones and jewels.