Types of Appraisals Provided by EK Appraisals

Insurance Replacement

For those who are looking to insure their precious piece(s) of jewelry, a detailed description of what you are wishing to insure is necessary. 

Estate Sale

When you are looking to sell the item(s) of jewelry that were handed down to you, this can help you figure out what you can expect to get.

Interest in Purchase

When you're interested in purchasing a new jewelry and you want to make sure that price tag is the true retail worth of the piece. 


In the circumstance that you are wishing to sell off a piece of jewelry, for many various reasons, this can help you have a price in mind.


There are many more reasons for an appraisal. Please call us at 514.887.2319 or 888.484.7452 to ask us any questions that you may have. 

EK Appraisals' Expertises Expand To...



  EK Appraisals prepares appraisal certificates for jewelry, diamonds, precious stones, pearls, and finished jewelry. An appraisal certificate is a very useful document in determining an item’s value for insurance purposes, to finalize an estate, or if you are considering reselling or purchasing, among other instances. 

EK Appraisals offers at-home services, where Erika travels to your home, office, or safety deposit box to work with your schedule and comfort.  



  EK Appraisals prepares gemmological reports in the Montreal and surrounding areas for gem identification. The reports identify the item (natural, synthetic or artificial gem), the use of detectible methods designed to improve its appearance or durability and, where possible, the geographical origin of gems submitted for analysis. EK Appraisals also offers personalized consulting services in the Montreal & surrounding areas for the buying and selling of diamonds, precious stones, pearls and jewellery. To make an appointment or obtain additional information, call 1.888.484.7452 or email us at erika@ekappraisal.com



  EK Appraisals buys old and modern jewellery, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other quality stones. EK Appraisals also trades in old gold and platinum jewellery that is no longer wanted.  EK Appraisals is especially interested in antique cut diamonds, large gems, and jewellery made by renowned jewellers. To make an appointment or obtain additional information, please call 1.888.484.7452, or email us at erika@ekappraisal.com