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Welcome to your Montreal Jewelry Appraiser

Erika Kasof

GG, FGA, EMGA, MV, GJG, AJP, CAD Specialist

Toll Free 1.888. 484.7452

What EK Appraisals Offers

More Of What EK Appraisals Offers

We Come To You!

For those of you who are in the Montreal & surrounding area, we are glad to come to you when and where it's convenient for your schedule. We can meet you at your home, your work, your safety deposit box or anywhere else!

We Can Deal Directly With Your Insurance Company For You!

Unsure of what they need for a jewelry appraisal, want to replace a piece of jewelry, or have other concerns? We can speak with your contact to make things as easy and quick as possible.

Need To Replace A Piece Of Jewelry?

Lost a piece of jewelry? Don't have much more than a memory? We can remake a piece of jewelry through a description or photo.

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We come to you!

We make house calls in Montreal & the surrounding area. EK Appraisals is happy to meet you at your home, your office, or even your safety deposit box. We love our customers so we like to make things as easy & safe for you. Call us today to reserve your appointment! 

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Monday - Sunday: By appointment

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