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Custom design that doesn’t
break the bank

The freedom of expression through customisation opens the creative playing field. The client shares the big dream design, sets the budget and my challenge is to propose design solutions that meet the dream and fit the budget. You get what you want at a price you’re prepared to spend without having to compromise.

I love that every client I work with is different, what they want is different, and so the resulting pieces are always so distinct.

Everyone deserves the chance to customize a piece of jewellery that speaks to them, big or small, to commemorate a special event, person, or time in their lives.

The Stone Whisperer

Before starting any custom work with her clients, Erika Katsof asks various questions to get to know her clients and their goals. Questions such as who are you and what matters to you? What kind of lifestyle do you enjoy? Will you want to wear it every day? What does the design mean to you? Is there a story behind it? Does it symbolize something special for you? What will make you feel beautiful and special? Your answers not only help Erika to get to know you, but help her hand pick the perfect stone to fit your needs and wants.

“At first, I was hesitant about working with an independent jewelry designer but the first five minutes with Erika wiped that right out of my mind. I immediately felt listened to and understood and relaxed, knowing that not only were we in capable hands, I was with a creative mind. I am now a repeat customer who refers her services.”


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Appraisals (single to bulk)

What is a jewellery appraisal?

An appraisal is a document that states how much a piece of jewelry is worth. If your jewelry is valuable, it is a good idea to have it appraised.

As your appraiser I look at such things as the condition an item is in, its gemstones and their quality characteristics, the settings and the metals from which they are made. I then estimate how much it’s worth and put this value in writing, along with a detailed description of how the appraisal was done. Jewellery appraisals are a good idea to have, especially if your pieces are expensive ones.


Do you have old jewellery that you inherited, vintage pieces that you collected or some “I don’t like it anymore” trinkets collecting dust somewhere in a drawer? Have you thought about repurposing these unworn pieces? Let’s breathe new life into the outdated pieces you know you’ll never wear. Take a look at the old gold and gemstones and let’s create wearable artful pieces from the memories the original pieces hold. (Snap a picture of it in its original form as a keepsake.)

Custom Design

Consultation & CAD Jewellery Design

I am a one-woman-design show who collaborates with my clients on their dream designs. Everything is possible. Take comfort in knowing that I pay close attention to seeing through your vision, helping you make right decisions for what you have in mind. I take great pride in workmanship working with only the best craftsmen to ensure skill and precision. I follow your custom designed piece from start to finish every step of the way. I work with all precious metals and any size and variety of gemstone and diamond.

Estate Sales

Sale and Division of Value

Estates sales can be emotional and difficult for many different reasons. Erika takes this into account and makes it as easy as possible for you by taking the guessing out of the process. Whether you come to her, or she goes to you, Erika sits down with you to go through all the pieces in person. She will provide you with appraisals for the pieces that warrant one, and will help you sell, repair, redesign, or divide according to value all those pieces in the estate.

Let’s Get Engaged!

This can be a very daunting experience for many for so many different reasons. Erika does her best to make the process as easy, carefree, and relaxed as possible. Erika will sit with you and walk you through the 4Cs and your design options. After getting to know you a bit, she will show you some stone options tailored to your needs. She will then send you designs to look over, make changes, and choose from. Once you OK the design, Erika takes care of everything else! If you already have the diamond, Erika will gladly work with you to design the ring of your dreams around it.

Choosing the diamonds, to the design/render, to the finished ring, to the wedding bands

Design/redesign with client’s stones

Choosing the diamond, design/ render, finished ring, matching band & his band

The Signature Collection

EK Appraisal & Design Name Necklace

Have a custom designed Name Necklace for you or your loved one with one of Erika’s signature heart charms. Whether just the initials or full names, Erika will work with you to choose a font, stones or no stones, and placement in the chain. These necklaces can be done in sterling silver, 10kt/14kt/18kt white, yellow or rose gold, or platinum.

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