Erika and EK Appraisals

Erika Katsof has been in the appraisal and jewelry design industry 20+ years. She is a true talent, pulling inspiration from the textures, patterns and sparkle that surround her. She is recognized for her education, experience and background in the appraisal and grading of diamonds, precious stones, pearls and metals.

Erika works with private clients and corporations. She’s been flown across continents to appraise and design new iterations of estate pieces. She’s even been entrusted with the handling and appraisal of historic gems weighing in at over 20K. Erika appreciates gems of every kind and every size knowing that every owner and gift-giver attaches their own meaning and sentiment to the gems and designs that belong to them.

When appraising, designing or redesigning, Erika works one-on-one with her private clients and takes into account their wishes and desires–whether that means preserving a memory, holding onto a connection to the past, honouring the sentiment of an estate piece or designing an entirely new iteration to bring wearable, prideful modernity to it. Erika’s designs are inspired by the individualistic styles of her clients so they stand out as one of a kind pieces; unique as the people wearing them. She has a full range of knowledge, skills and talent as well as access to all the resources within the industry.

“I’m always thinking about new design and sourcing stones and no matter where I am, new ideas come to me all the time.”

– Erika Katsof

Erika Katsof, The Stone Whisperer: Montreal-based, recognized and certified gemologist, professional jewellery designer and appraiser of diamonds and gems. Educated in pure and applied gemology through the British Gem-A courses.

Qualifications include: 2 major gemology diplomas, several gemology certificates, intensive 3D design training, plus a handful of training certificates, 2 appraisal certificates, 10yrs apart

Erika Katsof has been working with private clients and corporations for 20 years, designing & making jewellery for even longer than that.